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Desk Legs, Furniture Feet, Height Adjustable, Motorized and more

We sell table and furniture legs, home storage solutions, and office hardware for any remodeling or new construction project. Browse through our large selection of legs in a large number of styles and heights to complete any home or office project. Also be sure to check out our line of office hardware and furniture including a large number of ergonomic office accessories to help make any workspace a more comfortable environment. TableLegsMD.com is also your premier source for all your home, garage, and closet storage and organization solutions. Whether you are building new furniture for an office, or trying to make better use of space in your garage, we are sure to have the solution for all your needs.

  1. desk height table legs

    Desk & Table Legs

    Table Legs for Desks, Conference Tables, Folding Legs, Custom Heights

  2. Contemporary Furniture Leg - Curved

    Furniture Legs and Feet

    Wood and Metal Furniture Legs for Chairs, Sofas, and Coffee Tables

  3. ConSet Height Adjustable Motorized Twin 501-27

    Height Adjustable Desks, Tables, & Bases

    Height Adjustable Bases for Ergonomic Tables, Workstations, Desks

  4. Peter Meier Table Bases

    Pedestal & Table Bases

    Pedestal Bases for Desks, Flip-top, Conference Tables, Workbenches

  5. Nova 45 Series Classroom

    Nova Workstations and Tables

    Nova Solutions Retrofit Kits, Classroom Office Workstations and Tables

  6. Power Data Stations

    Office Furniture Hardware

    Office Furniture Hardware - Pencil Drawers, CPU Holders, Grommets

  7. Hoist Monster

    Garage Storage and Home Organization

    Garage Storage and Home Organization – Sports, Tool, and Bike Racks

  8. Compact Tie & Belt Hanger

    Closet Accessories

    Closet Accessories, Wardrobe Lifts, Home Storage, Shoe Racks, Hooks

Our competitively priced home and office products come from top of the line manufacturers including Hafele, Peter Meier, Camar, Richelieu, and Woodlore. We offer the widest selection of styles, sizes, heights, and designs of table and furniture legs to help you find just the right product for you. We also are dedicated to helping you complete any home or office remodeling project, and can assist you in finding the perfect storage solution, ergonomic furniture, or whatever you may need. If you are having trouble getting started where to look, please consider our desk and table height legs for a number of styles in the most common size.